Printed Words

As this is a portfolio site primarily, it’s probably a good idea to show off the hundreds of words I’ve had published in print, and viewed by eyes other than mine or my mum’s.

roam alone

‘When the Ice Melts,’ Roam Alone (anthology), Bradt, 2017, pp 172-177

madagascar guide

‘Michelin Stars in the Middle of Nowhere’ & ‘Bemaraha in Big Bertha,’ Madagascar Guide, Bradt, 12th ed. 2017. pg 418 & pg 420

nat geo.jpg

Competition Win, National Geographic Traveller, October 2016. pp166-167

wl saigon

‘Taking a bite out of Saigon,’ Wanderlust Magazine, June 2016. pp110-111

wl uk

‘Loving life in the slow lane,’ Wanderlust Magazine, February 2016, pp108-109