Away on Leave is a portfolio site to show off the travel writings of Suzy Pope (hereafter known as ‘me’).

About Me:

In 2009 I quit my job to travel the world, get off the beaten track, find myself and other such clichés. In 2010 I came back, started a new job and moved into a new house. I don’t want to sell my new house or quit my nice job, but I do want to travel to the far corners of the globe. I’d like to share with you my travels; frequent, but confined by annual leave.


I graduated from an MSc in Creative Writing and occasionally dabble in novel writing. My heart is in travel writing though and I’ve won the National Geographic, Telegraph: Just Back and Pure Travel competitions, a couple of Wanderlust competitions and been short-listed in the Bradt/Independent on Sunday competition.


Long and short rail travel: I’ve taken the longest train in the world (Trans-Siberian), the most luxurious train in the world (Rovos Rail), seen the best views out the train window (Rocky Mountaineer), and taken countless trains through Europe and South East Asia.

Street Food: In each city we visit we always do a street food tour. Always. You get a local guide, loads of food and often a quirky view into everyday city life. Highlights have been Pike Place Market in Seattle, the food aroud Taksim in Istanbul, the best pizza in the world in Naples, on the back of a motorbike in Saigon, and a local shopping street in Tokyo.

Cycling: Sometimes my husband drags me out cycling. We usually do sightseeing by bike in cities because it’s a good way to see a lot in a single day (in case one of us gets ill for the rest of the trip). We’ve also cycled on the islands of Croatia, up hills so steep they made my legs creak. I will probably never forgive him for that.

Libraries: I work in a library which means I must visit all other libraries across the world. I’m pretty sure every other librarian does the same.


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